Getting There & Accomodation

It’s February the 14th, Valentines day, and we are up early in anticipation. 6.30 for Ferg, unheard of but he had to get this site sorted.

Ferg’s been tapering all week making sure his beer and meat intake brings him up to peak levels so he can cope with the trip. Pre-Trip breaky,

pre Portland breaky

We don’t leave until 10.30PM our time but will head off to the airport to arrive about 7.30 so we can relax and have some dinner. We are flying with Hawaiian Airlines and upgraded to Premium Economy which from all accounts is very good. So we will provide feedback post travel.

Our good friend Madonna at helloworld Helensvale Plaza organised the flights for us. If you are ever in need of travel they are the best!!

Whilst in Portland we have used Airbnb to secure a condo. Will post some pics of this and our view when we can.

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