Walking around the Westside

We are located right on the river, on the West side, very close to the Portland CBD. We thought from our research it would be a good location as everything is in walking distance. We didn’t realise how right we were. There are many many bars and eateries and general stores all within easy reach. Anything that’s not we can use the Trimet.

A very efficient, clean, and cheap transit system combining buses, light rail, and a streetcar. An all day pass is $5 per person which includes unlimited travel on all systems for 24 hours from validation.


So once we have had enough walking, it is easy to find a way back home.

From our apartment we have a beautiful river walk path that goes for miles and passes many of the bridges that cross the Willamette River IMG_4223






There are plenty of the old and the new to see so click here on the Portland Scenes link for more.

Oh and for the Grimm fans, we saw our first Wesen, which we believe was a Blutbad


He wasn’t fooling us!!

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