The First Day – (we were only going for a walk)

Ferg: Day 1, after last nights adventure and our late arrival we slept in a bit. We awoke around 10 and thought we should go out an explore the sites and sounds. It was only an exploratory walk after all.

Along the way I found my long lost brother.

I liked him cause he was honest. He wants money for beer, who can argue with that? So he’s the first homeless guy I gave money to. Seems to be a lot of homeless around.

Then we walked on and I had a revelation, I was going to give up beer and join a unique cult,

Nope stupid idea. Moving on………….

And then Beervana kicked in, i knew my true purpose was to try the local brews and report back.

Couldn’t walk past this obviously;

And that’s just a start.

Welcome to Yardhouse!

They have a lot of taps, >100 with a 20 rotation every month;



and the food is fantastic, shared crab cakes then some tacos for me, a Vampire Taco! (on the left)


The Manager, Cody, was an awesome guy and offered to show us the keg room.



But wait!! The local corner store has these fridges full of craft beer!! Amazing!


All in all a really good day.

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