Arrival @ Portland

Ferg: I guess most of you on FB know we arrived. And what’s the first site I see off the plane? Glad you asked. It was a craft beer bar, right at the airport!


I knew then this was a good choice for our holiday.

So we ventured out into the cold night to find a taxi to take us to our condo. And what a taxi we found, quite possibly the worst taxi driver in Portland, at least he’s got my vote for that for sure. A 105 year old Ukrainian (apologies to any Ukrainians reading, go no further if you’re touchy about you heritage), lets call him Boris, who had less English skills than our cats. He could certainly grunt and sigh effectively though. We assumed he knew where we wanted to go, his grunt sounded like it was in the affirmative. So after zipping down the freeway with the occasional radical lane realignment after drifting (he may have been having some power naps mid drive), we got close to our accommodation only to be thwarted by the longest train in the world! It was so long it cost us $15 just sitting there. The train finally passed and we thought we were on our way, nope, the boom gates were stuck down. Cars in front finally gave up and started turning around but not Boris, he was making money sitting there.

So after some rather loud influences from me, with Ali telling me to calm down, I finally got Boris to turn around. Did he know another way in? Of course not, Boris doesn’t use GPS so Ferg got the phone out and uses Google Maps to help us all find our condo. I’m here in a city I’ve never been to and I’m helping a local taxi driver find where we need to go.

Finally we got him to go another way. After numerous grunts and sighs we were on our street. But could Boris find our address? Of course not. After a lap we saw some people sitting at some outside tables, (which turned out to be our now local) so I politely yelled at Boris to STOP!! (i may have used certain Australian colloquialisms beginning with F). Despite his protests (probably at getting another $20 out of us) he pulled over. While Alison went and chatted to our new friends at the table we now found out that our place was right behind this little bar.

We had arrived, time for bed!

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