Pedicab tour

Well we finally did the Pedicab Tour last week. We chose the Eastside Brewery Tour. We did this because we are based on the Westside of the river so most of the ones over here are easily accessible within walking distance.

Prior to booking we thought it would be a good idea to walk over to their office to talk with them face to face to ascertain what the tours would be like and make sure we were confident in their business, plus ensure they had a rider with enough leg power to handle us! This was our epic walk of the trip so far, about 8kms round trip.

So on the day of the tour around 11AM our little rider Alex, arrived. We were a bit concerned, he didn’t look that big and he had to peddle the two of us over the river and around the Eastside. A good 200Kg of weight to pull, but he assured us he could cope. We were easy and in line with his usual customers. So off we went!

Over the Steel Bridge


and on to the Eastern River Walk¬†which is a bit like Brisbane’s river walk. This is where Alex came unstuck. There was a bit of a steep gradient incline so we got out and walked a small distance. Fergs 1 – PDX Pedicabs 0

Finally over the river and on the Eastside we headed to our first brewery. It was a unique little place with random opening hours. Here you tasted where they actually brew. It was called The Commons Brewery.

As is my routine I had a flight;



and it was tasty!! They had a great menu.

From here we headed up to Base Camp Brewing who had an “event” on so flights where off for the day. But I managed to grab a couple of beers.

one being the famous smore stout with a toasted marshmallow on the side. Base Camp is a very nice brewery.


We stopped for a quick pic outside.

From here we ventured up to Cascade Brewing where I had my first taste of sour beer.


how good are they? very very very good!! I really enjoyed them all. A different taste on beer that was very nice.

Check out the menu and the “Blender Reserve Taps” section down the right hand side. The Honey Ginger Lime was sensational, even Ali liked it!

Here’s the flight menu from which I tried the Honey Ginger Lime along with the Sang Noir and Sang Royal.


And that was our PDX Pedicab Tour. Our little rider Alex then managed to get us home with a nice evening peddle back across the bridge.

Below is a map overview of our tour.

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